Popular weight loss app Lose It! comes to the UK and Ireland

Lose It app

The last count by Public Health England showed that six out of ten English men and five out of ten English women are now obese. There’s a ton of room for improvement and the popular weight loss app Lose It! is there to help, and get some customers along the way.

So far, the application has helped around 25 million people around the world lose 3 million stones. And now it’s available in the UK for smartphones and wearables at loseit.com/get.

The application has helped around 25 million people around the world lose 3 million stones.The local version of the app features nutritional information for thousands of British dishes and popular local food brands. For instance, Lose It! says mushy peas are there at 87 kilocalories (kcals) per serving, while a typical portion of fish and chips weighs in at 1,000 kcals per serving. The application also includes trending local restaurant chains, such as YO! Sushi and Pret A Manger with information on their popular meals.

What makes Lose It! so popular is its ability to allow users to continue eating their favorite foods but learn portion control, pitfalls, meal planning, and scores of other practical ways to live healthier lives by losing weight and keeping it off. In that sense, the application allows members to easily track their eating and exercise, set reminders and alerts to prompt action, and engage with other members to take part in challenges or share their weight loss journey socially. Also, there’s a barcode scanning feature that captures nutritional information with a simple point and click.

Beyond the free version, Lose It! Premium — which costs £30/year — delivers even more health and wellness control, featuring the ability to plan upcoming meals, track sleep, and activate the so called Patterns — the special feature that empowers people to identify and understand how their eating habits help or derail their weight loss goals. Premium members also get to access special challenges that promote teamwork and spur friendly competition along the path to achieving personal goals.

Lose It! integrates with a number of devices, apps and platforms, including the all-new Microsoft Band, Runkeeper, Jawbone, FitBit, Nike, Misfit, Withings, Strava, MapMyFitness, Apple Health, and Google Fit.