Shine 2 is an incremental improvement over the original device

Shine 2

Misfit unveiled Shine 2, the next generation of its activity and sleep tracking wearable. Featuring similar design, the new Shine will do all of the tricks the original device could do, tracking every step you take throughout the day, with 6-month battery life and 50 meters water resistance.

On top of that, we’ve got improved touch responsiveness with capacitive sensing technology, faster syncing, and extended Bluetooth range. Also, Shine 2’s 12 lights display can show some color and are “bright enough to be seen in direct sunlight.” Plus — in addition to the 3-axis accelerometer — there’s now a 3-axis magnetometer, as well as text and call notifications.

Shine 2 comes in Rose Gold and Carbon Black, and is now available for purchase on for $99.99.One thing notoriously missing from all Misfit’s products is a heart rate sensor, which — we guess — will have to wait for some future Shine 3 model. And the press release doesn’t say a thing about using Shine 2 while swimming — do we really need to buy the original Shine with Speedo branding to get lap counting algorithms?

Shine 2 comes in Rose Gold and Carbon Black, is now available for purchase on for $99.99, and will be available in retail locations worldwide in November. Judging by its predecessor, the device will get other versions either later this year, or perhaps in early 2016.

Beyond the Western hemisphere, Misfit’s latest wearable will also be available in the Far East region, where Misfit will get (big) help from Xiaomi and other investors, which poured $40 million into the company last December. In fact, the product was launched at an event in Beijing rather than, say, San Francisco or New York. That tells a lot about where Misfit is looking for customers…