HealthiestYou raises $30M from Frontier Capital

HealthiestYou app

Arizona-based HealthiestYou raised $30 million from Charlotte, North Carolina-based Frontier Capital. The company will use the funds for more aggressive sales and marketing efforts, technology enhancements and leadership to increase its share in the rapidly growing telehealth market.

HealthiestYou’s web and mobile apps are used by more than 4,000 employer groups, enabling them to conveniently and cost-effectively manage their healthcare needs 24/7. The platform’s key features include telehealth, cost transparency tools, geographic provider searches with reviews, insurance connectivity and wellness engagement.

“The capital injection from Frontier, combined with the firm’s strategic support, gives us the additional resources we need to strategically expand HealthiestYou’s solutions in the largely untapped and rapidly growing telehealth market,” said HealthiestYou CEO Jim Prendergast. “The time is right for innovation to rise to the challenge and help both employers and employees reduce costs while improving access to quality healthcare.”

HealthiestYou prides itself with nearly 40% utilization rate of its telehealth offering. The company is committed to helping employees think differently about seeking healthcare and believes engaging employees is a top priority. Earlier this year, the HealthiestYou released a smartphone app to help consumers connect immediately to a telehealth doctor or easily find and interact with providers within their insurance plan coverage for in-person visits when necessary.