innovationOchsner, Evidation Health looking to test digital health technologies

innovationOchsner - Evidation Health

With the greater healthcare industry changing rapidly, embracing new technology and data sources is paramount in developing solutions that can better meet the needs of consumers. To that end, innovationOchsner (iO), an innovation lab and accelerator created by Ochsner Health System, is teaming-up with Evidation Health, a recently formed joint venture between GE Ventures and Stanford Health Care. The two parties will be working on robust clinical studies to determine the real-world impact of digital solutions on the health of patients and the cost of care.

Under the deal, Ochsner will contribute its medical expertise and diverse patient population, and iO’s digital health capabilities, while Evidation will chip-in with its technology platform, data analytics engine and health outcomes research capabilities to enable “more efficient testing of digital health solution impact.”

Evidation Health can link patient behavioral data from over 100 apps and devices with clinical data.“Our focus in digital health is to demonstrate real-world health outcomes for patients, payers and provider systems, especially in conditions where patient behavior can profoundly impact those outcomes,” said Deborah Kilpatrick, Ph.D., CEO of Evidation Health. “Our partnership with Ochsner Health System and iO enables connections to a large population of patients and researchers in all types of clinical specialties to demonstrate how these innovative technologies can impact healthcare outcomes and value.”

Evidation Health can link patient behavioral data from over 100 apps and devices with clinical data to understand and predict the impact of behaviors on health outcomes.

“We see technology as a ripe opportunity to engage patients in their care and empower them to take a more active role in managing and monitoring their health. Having the data to support this will allow us to further the development of our innovative digital health programs,” said Richard Milani, MD, Ochsner Health System’s Chief Clinical Transformation Officer and iO’s Chief Innovation Officer.