Reflexion Health’s remote monitoring tool for physical therapy clears the FDA

Reflexion Health - Vera

Reflexion Health has secured 510(k) clearance from the U.S. FDA for the device called Vera, which is designed to help people recovering from injuries do their physical therapy from home, while also allowing therapists to collect patients’ performance data.

Vera uses Microsoft Kinect technology to help patients with rehab exercises. It projects an avatar onto a screen, and uses it to coach and motivate patients to do their exercises at home. The data collected is then sent to a physical therapist who monitors progress and optimizes therapy in real time.

Reflexion has already tested its technology with patients recovering from joint replacement surgery with Cleveland Clinic and the Brooks Rehabilitation Center in Jacksonville, Florida. The company also received a $1 million grant to apply its software to prevent falls by seniors in San Diego and Fearrington, North Carolina.

Reflexion is by no means the only game in town — its competitors include Force Therapeutics, reponddesign and eWellness.

[Via: MedCityNews]