Samsung to showcase smart health belt at CES

Samsung Welt

Samsung will use the upcoming CES to showcase three Creative Lab (C-Lab) projects, one of which fits our beloved mHealth category.

Called WELT, it is a smart wearable healthcare belt that looks like a normal belt, with added electronics “under the hood,” offering consumers a more discreet way of using smart sensor technology to monitor their health.

WELT is capable of recording the user’s waist size, eating habits and the number of steps taken, as well as time spent sitting down. The data collected is then sent to a companion app for analysis, and the production of a range of personalized healthcare and weight management plans.

It is unclear when this habit-changing product will be launched, but in the meantime those attending the big show in Vegas can check it out at Eureka Park in Hall G, Level One of the Sands Expo. Also on display will be the rink – a hand-motion controller for mobile VR devices; and TipTalk – a new user experience (UX) that enables users to hear sounds, transmitted through their own body.

Founded in 2012, Samsung’s C-Lab has fostered creative thinking throughout the company and supported more than 100 projects. This year, nine of these projects have been identified as having an especially high potential, with Sammy helping them out with its vast resources to reach the end users.

At last year’s CES, a similar product called Belty has been unveiled by Paris-based Emiota. However, this device went beyond “pure tracking” featuring a smart buckle that automatically loosens itself when users eat too much.