Verily is the new name of Google’s life sciences division


Google’s life sciences division within the Google[x] team got its name along with formal corporate entity – from now on it will be known as Verily, an Alphabet company. It will seek to answer the following question “How can we use technology to create a true picture of human health?”

“When Google[x] embarked on a project in 2012 to put computing inside a contact lens — an immensely challenging technical problem with an important application to health — we could not have imagined where it would lead us,” Verily’s homepage reads. “As a life sciences team within Google[x], we were able to combine the best of our technology heritage with expertise from across many fields. Now, as an independent company, Verily is focused on using technology to better understand health, as well as prevent, detect, and manage disease.”

Beyond smart contact lens, Verily will also be heading other projects such as that smart pill which seeks out cancerous cells, a tremor-canceling spoon, a smart watch for clinical trials and cancer-fighting wearable device, among other things. Also, the company will take over co-operation with other players from the healthcare sector, working with, say, Johnson&Johnson to advance robotic surgery, Sanofi to improve diabetes care, and Biogen on research on MS progression.