New Nest Hub

Google unveils new Nest Hub with sleep tracking capability

The feature, called Sleep Sensing, uses Motion Sense to analyze how the person closest to the display is sleeping, based on their movement and breathing.
Google COVID-19 vaccination help

Google’s new initiative helps get vaccines to more people

The search giant is providing COVID-19 related information and now, it's taking an additional step forward to help people get their vaccine shots.
Google Health Studies

Google Health Studies launched with the study focused on respiratory illness

With the new app, anyone with an Android phone can take part in health studies by answering survey questions and contributing relevant data.
Google taps AHRQ for a new tool to help patients plan for medical visits

Google taps AHRQ for a new tool to help patients plan for medical visits

When people use Google to search for a healthcare provider, they will have the option to create their own private visit plan.
Google Fit update

Google adds new health metrics to its Fit mobile apps

One of the updated features is meant to help you sleep better by allowing you to connect to sleep tracking devices and apps.
Google Travel updated for COVID-19

Google Travel gets COVID-related health and safety info

When you search on Google for information about hotels, flights or things to do - you can easily check to see if there's a COVID-19 travel advisory...
GAFA apps

Big Tech firms help fight the coronavirus outbreak

The tech giants are providing their otherwise paid services for free to select users...
Wear OS

Google working to add new health features to Wear OS

The survey running through the Google User Experience Research program is asking participants for feedback on up and coming health tracking capabilities.
Google building

WSJ: Google was collecting millions of Americans’ health data

The search giant has secretly been accumulating the health data of millions of Americans from 21 different states, in partnership with Ascension.
Google website

Google looking to cash in on your medical queries

Every day a billion health-related questions are asked on Google and, obviously, the search giant is looking to harness that volume...