China’s GYENNO showing off smart spoon and smart cup at CES

GYENNO products

Shenzhen, China-based GYENNO had two interesting products to show at CES in Las Vegas.

One of them is a smart spoon called Smart SPOON and FORK that counteracts hand tremors from Parkinson’s Disease and other conditions by keeping the utensil steady, while collecting the data about the tremors in the cloud. The device uses accelerometer to detect movements and act accordingly. It is similar to the smart spoon (now) Google-owned Lift Labs has made more than a year ago.

GYENNO’s product features ergonomic grip while its utensils are capable of offsetting 85% of unwanted tremors. The spoon will collect data about tremors and eventually use that information to improve its algorithm. Plus, the cloud-stored data can be shared with scientists to create a database of tremor information.

The second device, the GYENNO Smart CUP, is dubbed the only washable smart cup with a built-in LCD screen to provide continuous feedback about how much liquid has been consumed. The same display will provide reminders when it’s time for another cup, the temperature of the liquid and basic data about weather and time. The CUP also allows users to create custom drinking plans with a companion app.

Both the GYENNO Smart SPOON and FORK (sold as a set) will be available later this month on Amazon. The Smart SPOON and FORK set costs $299, while the Smart CUP will be coming to Amazon soon (available first in China) and will sell for $70-$100. The company also offers a smartphone app which works with the SPOON and CUP.