IBM Watson gets new clients: CTA, Pathway Genomics, Under Armour and Medtronic

IBM Watson

IBM is looking to make Watson-powered cognitive computing a big part of its future. At CES they announced new partnerships, including a few that “deal” with digital health.

One of its new partners is Under Armour, which will put its Connected Fitness user data and data from other sources through Watson to provide “timely, evidence-based coaching about health and fitness-related issues, including outcomes achieved based on others ‘like you.'” This analysis will initially be available through the UA Record app, and will include insights on activity, fitness, nutrition, and sleep.

Medtronic is hoping to put data from its Carelink Connect system through Watson to predict hypo- and hyperglycemic events.Another one is the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) foundation, which runs CES, and which will use Watson’s cognitive computing capabilities to help seniors and people with disabilities. Under the deal, researchers will explore the use of mobile apps, smart home appliances, robots, and wearables for medication adherence, promotion of exercise, and diet management. Also, the partnership will look to improve home monitoring and condition management.

Then there’s Pathway Genomics, which will work with IBM Watson on a new app, called Pathway Genomics OME. The application will combine Pathway Genomics genetic profiling (based on a kit sent out to users) with Watson’s analytic capabilities to provide genetically-informed lifestyle recommendations. Ideally, the result would involve actionable advice with a personalized dieting plan that takes into account a genetic predisposition of each user.

Finally, Medtronic is hoping to put data from its Carelink Connect system through Watson to predict hypo- and hyperglycemic events, and provide diabetics with coaching and guidance to avoid those events. Thus far, Medtronic has managed to predict a hypoglycemic event three hours in advance 80 percent of the time. And if everything goes as planned, the company will have this service up and running this summer, and continue to iterate on the system after that.

Beyond this health-related partners, IBM also announced other companies looking to tap Watson to improve their offering, including SoftBank Robotics and Whirlpool.

[Via: mobihealthnews, IBM]