Moderna building

Moderna, IBM to collaborate on COVID-19 vaccine supply chain and distribution data sharing

The two companies will explore technologies, including AI, blockchain and hybrid cloud, that could help support smarter COVID-19 vaccine management.
IBM Watson Chatbot

Humana taps IBM Watson to enhance the member experience for Humana Employer Group customers

The AI-enabled Watson virtual agent can help enable greater access to accurate and helpful information about benefits and healthcare costs.
MAP Health Management platform

IBM Watson Health, MAP Health team-up to address incidence of Substance Abuse Relapse

Watson cognitive tech will be integrated into the MAP Recovery Network Platform to enhance the platform's existing capabilities.
MedyMatch - IBM Watson Health

MedyMatch, IBM Watson Health to use cognitive imaging tech to identify head trauma and...

Initially, IBM Watson Health's Imaging group will distribute the MedyMatch brain bleed detection app globally through its vendor neutral sales channels.
Arthritis Research UK - IBM Watson AI assistant

Arthritis Research UK taps IBM Watson for virtual assistant

Together with Big Blue, the charity aims to provide people seeking help with access to personalized information from the Arthritis Research UK website.
Watson Health

IBM expands Watson Health Platform, announces Watson Clinical Imaging Review

The company has also launched Watson Health Consulting Services unit to help clients transform healthcare by leveraging the power of cognitive solutions.
IBM Blockchain

IBM Watson Health, FDA to study the use of blockchain for secure exchange of...

The two parties will explore the exchange of data from several sources, such as EMRs, clinical trials, genomic data, and health data from mobile devices.
IBM Watson X Prize

IBM Watson, X Prize launches a $5 million contest to develop AI apps

This AI app could be focused in the area of healthcare, but could also be aimed at education, energy, environment, global development or exploration.
IBM Watson Health

Watson Health Medical Imaging Collaborative aims to bring cognitive imaging into daily practice

The initiative is comprised of more than 15 leading health systems, academic medical centers, ambulatory radiology providers and imaging technology companies.
IBM - Bausch Lomb partnership

Bausch + Lomb, IBM to develop an iOS app for cataract surgeons

The app will help surgeons streamline their workflow by delivering patient information and clinical insights, as well as intraocular lens (IOL) options.