iHealth Wave is a wearable made for swimmers

iHealth Wave

iHealth unveiled a new wearable primarily designed for swimmers, but it will also track other activity and sleep. Called iHealth Wave, the device, which is also touted as a “sports watch,” allows users to measure and manage swimming performance directly on the device or with a smartphone.

Frequent swimmers will get to benefit from in-depth analysis of swimming with support for different styles, with quantified movements and calories burned. Other standard-for-a-wearable features for activity tracking (number of steps, distance and calorie burned) and sleep analysis with vibrating alarm for a soft awakening, come included as well.

Like other iHealth products, this one also communicates via Bluetooth with the iHealth MyVitals app on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. The free application, touted as a “true health companion,” allows users to view all their health data in the form of graphics, to average data, to send data to family, to export their data in PDF reports or excel spreadsheet and so on.

The iHealth Wave will be on display at CES in Las Vegas, and then available for $79.95 in April 2016.The iHealth Wave will be on display at CES in Las Vegas, and then available at a recommended price of $79.95 at iHealthlabs.com and iHealthlabs.eu stores, Amazon.com, Bestbuy.com, Best Buy Canada, Walmart.com and others retailers in April 2016.

iHealth’s product range includes the iHealth Edge activity and sleep tracker, iHealth Ease blood pressure monitor, iHealth Feel blood pressure monitor, iHealth Sense wrist blood pressure monitor, the iHealth Lite and iHealth Core scales, iHealth Air pulse oximeter, as well as the iHealth Smart Gluco and iHealth Align glucose meters.

Misfit is another company to launch a swimmer-specific wearable – it has launched a special version of the Shine device made in partnership with Speedo.