First Response launches Bluetooth-enables pregnancy test at CES

First Response Pregnancy PRO

Church & Dwight is launching what they say is the first mobile-connected pregnancy and ovulation test. Called the First Response Pregnancy PRO, the stick/device works with a companion app to provide women with pregnancy-related content, and personalized user experience throughout the pregnancy.

“With Pregnancy PRO, we’ve leveraged unique consumer insights to develop a product that not only revolutionizes the pregnancy test category, but more importantly, provides women with the information they need during their journey,” Stacey Feldman, Vice President of Marketing of Church & Dwight, said in a statement.

The product provides digital testing experience for women to reduce stress throughout the testing process, while the app offers an action plan based on the user’s test result. The application also includes step-by-step assurance through the testing process, as well as a three-minute countdown to the result, during which a woman is offered a variety of options to help ease anxiety, including “Calm Me,” “Educate Me,” and “Entertain Me.”

After three minutes, the test result will appear on the test stick, and can be displayed on the mobile device after a secure code is entered. The application will react differently based on the result, offering appropriate next steps and informative resources.

First Response Pregnancy PRO Digital Pregnancy Test & App Access will be available at major retailers in 2016 at a suggested retail price of $14.99 – $21.99. The First Response app is available for download on Android and iPhone devices.