Surgical Theater launching medical virtual reality division in LA

Surgical Theater

Surgical Theater is launching the medical Virtual Reality Division (mVR) in Los Angeles, the company has announced. Alon Zuckerman, a veteran executive in the field of advanced flight simulation and Virtual reality in aviation, will serve as a President of the new mVR Division.

The Surgical Theater mVR technology allows surgeons to reconstruct and fuse CT, MRI and other images into 3D Virtual Reality models, utilizing the Surgical Navigation Advanced Platform (SNAP) to perform a realistic “fly through” of his/her patient-model, to obtain a precise and intuitive situational awareness of the surgery site based on a 360 Virtual Reality model. Said 360 3D guidance model is used to determine the surgery strategy, the safest and most efficient pathway to treat complex pathologies such as the removal of cerebral tumors and treat vascular abnormalities.

“The launch of the Surgical Theater medical Virtual Reality Division is a significant milestone in our strategy to make our cutting edge VR technology available to our existing and future customers worldwide,” Zuckerman said in a statement. “I am excited to lead ST mVR Division and believe that this division will be the world leader in virtual reality imaging systems for surgeons.”

Surgical Theater’s Virtual Reality and Image Guidance extends into the operating room. Coupled with intra-operative navigation systems, the platforms provide dynamic visualization capabilities in real time, establish multiple views, and rotate and interact with the navigation image. Additionally, the software suite allows HIPAA-compliant peer-to-peer consultation in patients’ cases.

Surgical Theater mVR technology uses multiple NVIDIA GPUs and NVIDIA SLI technology to create the “fly through” experience in viewing the patient’s anatomy. It [technology] is being developed in collaboration with UCLA.

The company has raised $9 million Series A round in October 2015 from HTC and Shanghai Creation Investment Management.