FundamentalVR - Endovascular

FundamentalVR expands into the endovascular space

The company also offers CollaborationVR, a virtual space designed for healthcare professionals to accelerate procedural and product adoption together.
Versius Virtual Reality

CMR Surgical to launch VR training for surgical robot

As a result, Versius will become the first soft-tissue surgical robotics system to offer virtual reality training.
NexStem headset

NexStem launches its VR headset and software to control devices through thought alone

The end-to-end offering aims to smash barriers to entry, delivering cost-effective and non-invasive means to process neural data.
XRHealth HTC preorder

XRHealth, HTC introduce Flow Health and Focus 3 Health

Both solutions provide portable VR healthcare solutions for hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and patients to use in the comfort of their home.
Otsuka Pharmaceutical - Jolly Good

Otsuka Pharmaceutical and Jolly Good team-up over VR product development

Jolly Good's immersive SST VR is expected to help patients concentrate better and improve effectiveness.
VR to detect concussions in rugby players

VR tech used to detect concussions set to be tested with rugby players

World Rugby, New Zealand Rugby (NZR) and Rugby Australia (RA) have partnered with NeuroFlex to adopt an in-match trial of the technology.

XRHealth to launch a VR clinic in Israel in November

The Israeli-based clinic will provide patients with a VR headset at home to access different virtual treatment rooms with various therapeutic exercises.
Level Ex Unveils First Multi-User Simulated Surgery Over Web Conferencing

Level Ex unveils multi-user simulated surgery over web conferencing

The Virtual Technique Guides bring together surgeons and medical device sales representatives in a synchronous, cloud-based learning environment.
FundamentalSurgery at home

FundamentalVR expands into ophthalmology

The company can now create immersive, data-driven medical educational simulations for ophthalmology as well as orthopedic device and pharmaceutical brands.
XRHealth ADHD solution

XRHealth unveils VR therapy app for ADHD

The virtual reality solution tracks user progress by measuring sustained focus when distractions are present.