Winscribe Text 8.1 unveiled with an updated iOS app


Winscribe unveiled the latest version of its medical reporting and clinical documentation management solution, Winscribe Text 8.1.

The enterprise software system streamlines clinical documentation workflow processes and enables accurate medical documents to be created and communicated promptly. Also, it integrates with existing electronic health record (EHR) systems to provide healthcare professionals with an easy way to document patient encounters, while enabling collaboration between the care team.

Winscribe Text 8.1 includes improved filtering and queue management, Quality and Assurance (QA)-friendly distribution approval, enhanced document cloning, enhanced document cloning, improved document confidentiality permissions, and new performance reports.

The part that care about the most is Winscribe Text for Apple iOS devices, which goes beyond core features for dictation, speech recognition, integrated clinical data and document management. Using an iPhone or iPad, users are able to follow medical documents, review, edit and sign while on the go.

“The updates give clients more power to easily manage workloads, data access and document production, while enabling the smooth capture and quick communication of information,” Winscribe’s Director of Product Strategy, Pierre Corboz, said in a statement. “In addition, with the new mobile documentation solution for Winscribe Text, physicians and other caregivers can quickly and easily capture thorough patient notes — from anywhere and at any time — enabling more efficient and higher quality documentation.”