American Well launches Telehealth Mobile SDK

American Well SDK

American Well, which is offering telehealth services to consumers through the Amwell service, unveiled what it says is the first-ever mobile Telehealth Software Development Kit (SDK) that allows third parties to embed telehealth directly into their own apps. These third parties would include hospitals, retailers, insurers, health plans, and medical publishers, all of which could make on-demand care a part of their owned consumer experience.

American Well envision hospitals, retailers, insurers, health plans and medical publishers using the SDK.“For the first time, any company with a consumer-facing health application can embed online doctor visits into that app – making telehealth an integral part of their own brand experience,” Dr. Roy Schoenberg, American Well CEO and co-founder, said in a statement. “Not only does this build brand loyalty with consumers by offering a compelling service, it makes online healthcare easier to access than ever before.”

According to American Well, we should expect a few use cases, including health systems adding the “see a doctor” feature in their apps, or service that let consumers discover health information offering an immediate doctor visit for a consultation about that particular information. Also, retail pharmacy brands with consumer-facing apps could benefit from the capability, and the same goes for medication apps.

“We believe one day every consumer will use telehealth with their doctor, and the SDK is our guarantee that future is imminent,” Dr. Schoenberg added.