Doctor On Demand adds nationwide psychiatric video visits

Doctor on Demand psychiatry

Doctor On Demand is adding psychiatric video visits on a nationwide scale to its offering. Now, patients can receive both therapy from a doctorate-level psychologist and medication evaluation, and management from a board-certified psychiatrist through their smartphone or computer.

“Many Americans don’t have access to mental health treatment, and for those that do, long wait times, distance, cost and stigma are still barriers to getting care. These are all challenges telemedicine can address,” Dr. Donovan Wong, medical director of mental health at Doctor On Demand, said in a statement. “By adding psychiatrists to our network, Doctor On Demand is making it easier for millions of Americans to get mental health care from the comfort of home.”

Mental illness treatment costs are $100 billion annually.Doctor On Demand has more than 300 mental health professionals — licensed psychologists and board-certified psychiatrists — both of whom will generally see patients for ongoing care. The nationwide network of psychiatrists will also be used to help increase access to care in hospital and emergency room settings. The psychiatry services are initially available in 27 states, and will expand throughout the country by mid-year.

In the same press release, the company has also announced that it has scored its 400th employer customer, bringing the total number of people covered by the service to more than 45 million.

According to the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, mental illness treatment costs are $100 billion annually, while causing more days of work loss and work impairment than many other chronic conditions.