GreatCall looking for early adopters for Lively Wearable on Indiegogo

Lively Wearable

Typically we see small companies turning to crowdfunding to get early adopters. Today, however, we have the established firm, GreatCall, taking that route with an Indiegogo campaign for the Lively Wearable.

“We saw an opportunity with Indiegogo to get the Lively Wearable in front of new consumers, and those familiar with the wearable market,” David Inns, CEO of GreatCall, said in a statement. “We want to use the feedback from this campaign to continue to develop products that deliver on our promise of independence for older adults and peace of mind for their younger family caregivers.”

Announced during this year’s CES, the device is an activity tracker for the elderly that can be worn on the wrist or around the neck. Beyond keeping up with “every step you take,” it also comes with a discreet emergency response button, the fact that according to GreatCall, makes it the first wearable that connects activity tracking with nationwide mobile safety service via the user’s smartphone.

When worn around the neck, the GreatCall Lively features fall detection. Through the companion app, users receive daily activity and mental challenges like step goals and brain games to keep them active. Family caregivers are included as well, and are able to receive data about the care recipient’s activity through the Link app. From there, they can also send messages of encouragement.

GreatCall’s campaign will be live through March 22nd, allowing Indiegogo backers to receive the Lively Wearable device with or without monthly 5Star service at a special price.