SureAdhere brings its Video Directly Observed Therapy to iOS, Android mobiles and tablets


SureAdhere Mobile Technology is expanding accessibility of its Video Directly Observed Therapy (VDOR) platform with newly launched iOS and Android apps. Backed by peer reviewed clinical research, SureAdhere’s solution provides a cost-effective method to ensure patient compliance for tuberculosis (TB) treatment.

“We are very pleased to present VDOT on multiple platforms, making it an ideal choice and turnkey solution for health departments, both big and small,” Dr. Richard Garfein, PhD, MPH, SureAdhere Co-founder and Chief Science Officer, said in a statement. “Backed by years of research and evaluation, SureAdhere launched less than a year ago, and has already rolled out in health departments across five states. With this early momentum we aim to meet our long-term mission of affordably scaling VDOT into low and middle income countries where the TB burden is highest.”

SureAdhere’s VDOT platform offers an alternative to in-person directly observed therapy (DOT), which is costly and inefficient because it requires daily coordination of patient and provider schedules, as well as travel to meet with patients. In contrast, VDOT allows nurses to observe therapies from a remote location, enabling them to see 15 patients in the same amount of time they use to observe two or three in person.

TB patients use mobile app to video-record their medication ingestion, and are also benefiting from medication reminders as well as the ability to easily communicate with their providers. With this tool, SureAdhere claims, healthcare systems and payors can save thousands of dollars per patient while still providing high quality care for their patients to improve compliance and cure rates.