Research: Western Europeans to buy 24.5M connected fitness trackers in 2020

Parks Associates Adoption of Smart Watches

Parks Associates is forecasting strong future growth for connected fitness trackers and smart watches in Western Europe, with sales of products in the former category in 2020 expected to hit 24.5 million units, and latter – 20 million units.

“The expansion of mobile device platforms to wearable form factors creates many opportunities for developers to build new services and applications,” Harry Wang, Director of Health and Mobile Product Research at Parks Associates, said in a statement. “For the smart watch, its location on the body and easy access put it in a great position to act as a remote control for smart home features, a role currently occupied by the smartphone. APIs will play a key role in developing functions for the smart watch such as turning on lights remotely, closing garage doors, adjusting thermostat settings, and many more features.”

At the moment, 10 percent of Spanish broadband households own a smart watch, followed by 8 percent in the U.K., 7 percent in Germany, and 6 percent in France. In the United States, 33 percent of broadband households own a digital health/wellness device, and 10 percent plan to buy a smart watch by mid-year 2016.

Meanwhile, ABI Research predicts that worldwide shipments of activity trackers will hit 87 million in 2021.