Verily working on an mHealth hub device?

Verily hub @ FCC

Verily, which we used to know as Google’s Life Sciences division, is reportedly working on a medical data collection hub/service similar to Qualcomm Life’s 2net hub and Telef√≥nica’s smart m2m solution. Thanks to an integrated 3G radio, it would enable transmission of data for people and institutions that lack WiFi connectivity.

The company’s Connectivity Bridge has already been caught at the FCC’s website, and from the little information we have, we know it will be able to collect data from such mHealth devices as blood pressure and glucose monitors, as well as other sensors that could be placed around a healthcare facility or home. From there, it could keep-up with patients’ well-being, alerting the care team when more personal attention is needed. This, the saying goes, would make for a more cost-effective system.

On the other hand, with the ability to seamlessly collect information from multiple patients, this sort of devices are ideal for conducting clinical trials.

It is unclear when Verily will start offering its Connectivity Bridge but chances are it won’t wait for too long to put its product on the market. From what we’ve understood, Qualcomm Life’s 2net is sold on a per patient – per month basis, meaning it is a lucrative business for them. As more players enter the game, prices will go down so every extra day counts. In fact, we are pretty confident Google is testing Connectivity Bridge with select partners as we speak. That being said, we must add that we don’t have any information to support this claim…

[Via: MedCityNews]