drchrono unveils new API partners: Health Gorilla, Inuvio, Medisafe and Wink Health


drchrono — which has developed a mobile- and tablet-friendly Electronic Health Record (EHR), revenue cycle management (RCM) and practice management platform — has launched four new medical API partners, including Health Gorilla, Inuvio, Medisafe and Wink Health. The company currently has more than seven hundred developers in its program creating essential apps and solutions for the healthcare industry, as well as over 21 million API calls/transactions happening per quarter.

“These one-of-a-kind apps built on drchrono demonstrate the flexibility of the platform while delivering new and advanced healthcare focused solutions that are vital in today’s evolving medical community,” Michael Nusimow, CEO and Co-founder of drchrono, said in a statement.

drchrono’s new partners include:

Health Gorilla
The company brings direct access to every U.S. lab within the drchrono platform. The integration will allow physicians to order any diagnostic test from any laboratory within the Health Gorilla clinical network.

Inuvio provides scanning, imaging and data extraction solutions for the healthcare industry. Together with drchrono, it will help streamline the patient data collection process by automatically extracting data from insurance cards, driver’s licenses and passports, and import the card images, patient photo and data directly into the drchrono platform.

Medication management solution that allows physicians and care teams from within drchrono to track their patients’ medication adherence alongside their biometric measurements, including blood pressure, glucose, weight, and more.

Wink Health
Wink Health brings sleep studies to drchrono’s platform, enabling doctors to order an FDA-approved sleep apnea diagnostic study from within the patient’s medical record. The testing is conducted in the comfort of the patient’s home as opposed to a hospital setting allowing for an easier and more efficient way to monitor a patient’s sleep habits.