IMPOWER, higi team-up to support Medicaid patients in Central Florida

higi station

IMPOWER and health station maker higi have teamed-up to support Medicaid patients in Central Florida. By leveraging the higi platform, IMPOWER patients can routinely track key health measurements, such as blood pressure, weight, pulse and body mass index, and, when they opt in – share them with IMPOWER clinicians through a visit to a local retail location at no cost. By leveraging this data, IMPOWER clinicians are gaining greater insights into their patients’ health statuses, which is particularly helpful when e-prescribing medication during virtual consultations.

“With higi, we have a unique opportunity to empower our patients to take an active role in their health leading up to and between appointments, which will help advance our work to remove barriers that keep people from seeking the care they need,” IMPOWER president and CEO Anna Baznik, said in a statement.

Teen and adult patients will register for higi at any of the 981 retail locations in Florida, opt in to share their vital statistics with their IMPOWER physician, and check in for free anytime at a higi station. IMPOWER physicians will require their patients to check in and share their vital statistics before an appointment and patients have the option to check in, without cost, as frequently as they’d like between appointments. Regular data collection provides insights into individual health trends which can help clinicians track the success of certain treatments and improve patient wellness overall.

“Higi provides a unique opportunity for healthcare providers to engage their patients between visits and receive real-time biometric and activity data, which is especially important when dealing with chronic conditions,” Dr. Khan Siddiqui, Chief Medical and Technology Officer of higi, said in a statement.

Higi’s FDA-cleared health stations are present in nearly 10,000 retail locations across the U.S. Beyond allowing users to track their biometric data, the higi platform also allows the integration of more than 70 wearable devices that track personal activity data in real time. Earlier this year, the company has raised $40 million from existing investors.