ARC Devices, VSee team-up over connected health devices

Vsee app

ARC Devices and telehealth platform provider VSee are teaming-up to design what they say is the world’s first wireless connected thermometer embedded into a remote patient monitoring kit. With this integration, ARC’s thermometer will provide real-time temperature data to power a new generation of video and data-driven telehealth connectivity.

“Through our partnership with VSee, we are making it easier for patients and providers to obtain an accurate look at their temperature readings in real-time, and integrating this data directly into their electronic health records,” Irwin Gross, Founder and CEO of ARC Devices, said in a statement. “The design, engineering, and video capabilities of VSee, combined with ARC’s advanced medical sensor technology brings a new level of efficiency, accuracy, and reliability to telemedicine.”

VSee is best known for the exclusive video chat system it has developed for NASA’s international space station. Together with ARC, it aims to drive innovation in non-touch, wireless integrated vital sign measurement.

“This product will combine video assets with data to allow primary care physicians and hospitals to have direct access to patients, and allow them to constantly monitor vital-signs without the patient having to be in the hospital for extended periods of time,” Milton Chen, CEO of VSee, said in a statement.