In Hand Health launches telehealth solution for physical therapy

In Hand Health app

In Hand Health has launched its telehealth solution for physical therapy. The solution helps physical therapists (PTs) strengthen relationships with patients and keep rehabilitation plans progressing in between office visits through video-based home exercise programs, monitoring of exercise compliance, and analysis of feedback on pain and recovery levels.

On the other hand, patients follow the video exercises, track their progress with real-time stats, and securely communicate with their PTs using their smartphones or tablets while at home. Physical therapy clinics offer the In Hand Health telehealth solution on a subscription basis to patients, enabling practices to establish long-term patient relationships and generate additional revenue.

The In Hand Health solution consists of two parts: Physical Therapy In Hand, a web-based service for PTs; and the In Hand Health Patient App, which is made for patients.

The former enables PTs to build custom home exercise programs from In Hand Health’s library of video-based exercises or their own uploaded videos. PTs can also used the web app to monitor patient exercise compliance and feedback through a color-coded dashboard and individual patient records, and they can also communicate with patients through the application using HIPAA compliant messaging.

As for the In Hand Health Patient App, it is available for iOS and Android, and it provides patients with a convenient method to follow video exercises, record their activity, and submit feedback and messages securely and directly to their PT.

“We created the In Hand Health solution to address many inefficiencies we’ve heard from PTs as well as those I recently experienced personally as a physical therapy patient,” Michael J. Gassman, President and CEO of In Hand Health, said in a statement. “With the high level of integration between the application and the app, we are allowing the PT to effectively extend their expertise outside clinic walls while providing clear instructions and peace of mind for the patient during their home rehab.”

The In Hand Health solution consists of two parts: a web-based service for physical therapists, and a mobile app for patients.The In Hand Health solution measures compliance with exercise programs, pain levels, and recovery reports during a patient’s episode of care and presents the information in a composite CaRe Index score.

The In Hand Health telehealth solution is free for physical therapy clinics, who then market the telehealth service (or Continuing Care) to patients on a monthly or annual subscription basis. In Hand Health manages the entire billing and payment process through the In Hand Health Patient App, leaving subscription revenues with the clinic less small service fees.