StartUp Health, GE Ventures yet again invite healthcare disruptors

StartUp Health - GE

StartUp Health and GE Ventures announced a new call for innovation to support companies focusing on the transition to value based care, including those building clinical workflow and chronic care management solutions, financial/payment platforms and operational technologies.

“We are looking forward to investing in the next generation of Healthcare Transformers creating technologies and business models that enable health systems, plans, employers, and consumers to adapt to the rapid shift to value-based care, an area in great need of new solutions,” Ruchita Sinha, Director of Healthcare at GE Ventures, said in a statement.

The announcement comes on the heels of last year’s call that was focused on virtual health solutions. The first three companies related to this innovation call have been selected, and they are:

Biome Analytics – Stuart Jacobson, Founder & CEO
(Location: Sausalito, CA; Subsector: Hospital Management)
The company helps hospitals deliver the best possible cardiovascular care at the lowest cost. Biome aggregates the data and builds the applications that deliver the insight doctors and hospitals need to insure the 26.6 million Americans diagnosed with cardiovascular disease get the best possible care at the lowest cost.

Jiseki Health – Tushar Vasisht, Founder & CEO
(Location: San Mateo, CA; Subsector: Patient Engagement)
Jiseki Health’s technology is made to enable better and more accountable service delivery, and ultimately get patients the right services at the right place at the right time and for the right cost.

WinguMD – Manabu Tokunaga, MS, Founder & CEO
(Location: Palo Alto, CA, Subsector: Imaging)
WinguMD’s transformational goal is to make all mobile medical photos “smart” and tell a vivid clinical story that would not be able to be captured in a written note. The company’s technology, called BodyMapSnap, collects metadata from an image and enables body location and tagging tools for physicians combined with smart object size measurement and document recognition to make every photo a clinical tool and enables sharing with existing EMR and image archiving solutions.

Since launching in 2013, over 500 companies from 22 countries have applied for StartUp Health Academy with GE Ventures. Currently 19 companies have been selected from a broad spectrum of health innovation. To date, the companies raised $51M in funding and 2 companies have been acquired.