AstraZeneca offers savings and advice with its new AZhelps program

AZhelps app

AstraZeneca unveiled AZhelps, touting it as a “comprehensive and unique program” that helps patients manage information across all their medications, access savings offers for their AstraZeneca medicines, and easily access healthcare support through their mobile devices and on social media channels.

“AZhelps is a new way for people to help take charge of their health — absolutely free,” Lori Tierney, VP of Commercial Operations at AstraZeneca, said in a statement. “It allows patients to easily access information about their medications, better manage their wellness, and access important savings information, all from their smartphone as soon as they need information.”

Using the AZhelps mobile app — available for iOS and Android devices — users get access to personalized healthcare information, healthy lifestyle advice, and the ability to connect with the AstraZeneca Information Center via phone or Twitter. The service helps eligible patients lower out-of-pocket costs on multiple AstraZeneca medications.

Also, using the app patients can track (Tracking History) all of their prescriptions and set medication and refill reminders to align with their personal treatment schedules. Plus, there’s the mobile refill functionality that allows patients to order refills of their participating AstraZeneca prescriptions from their pharmacy.

Finally, the AZhelps app provides health and wellness support, information, and advice, helping patients find answers to questions about their medications and lifestyle.

The entire AZhelps program also includes social channels, offering customer support and helpful health information on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.