Medidata’s AppConnect Partner Program aims to support mHealth innovation


Medidata is launching the AppConnect Partner Program to “support mHealth innovation.” The program kicks off with the first roster of partners that include Boston Technology Corporation, LifeMap Solutions and THREAD which have developed apps such as MIT VoiceUp, Asthma Health and EpiWatch. As a result, these companies will be able to combine Medidata’s cloud with their technology and experience to develop patient engagement tools for clinical development, such as mobile apps and remote patient research platforms.

“These partnerships are a critical piece of our ongoing effort to make it easier for life sciences companies to bring mobile health tools into the highly structured world of clinical trials,” Kara Dennis, Medidata’s managing director of mHealth, said in a statement. “The rapidly expanding ecosystem of mobile health technologies requires openness and interoperability, and we want to ensure our clients have access to powerful mobile capabilities that improve both scientific programs and patient experiences.”

The AppConnect Partner Program aims to create an ecosystem that allows life sciences companies to gather and analyze data collected in a myriad of different ways between patient visits to a clinical trial site.

Participating companies will be using the Medidata AppConnect SDK, which is part of Medidata Patient Cloud, to gather and process a wide range of data from nearly any type of mobile application. Once collected, this data will be pulled into the regulatory-compliant, secure environment of the Medidata Clinical Cloud platform.

“As the first commercial developer spotlighted in Apple’s ResearchKit launch, we’ve seen firsthand how the mHealth revolution has helped research studies transcend traditional brick-and-mortar limitations,” Corey Bridges, CEO of LifeMap Solutions, said in a statement. “Thanks to Medidata, that revolution now hits its next big milestone: merging the innovation and flexibility of the Internet with the power of the Medidata Clinical Cloud. As a result, life sciences companies can reduce clinical development costs and risks, and deliver new drugs and devices to the market faster than ever before.”