The $175 Misfit Phase could be the best fitness watch, ever

Misfit Phase

Misfit is joining the smart watch game with its newly unveiled Misfit Phase, a $175 fitness-focused wearable. This is the company’s first watch, and we like it a lot (though we haven’t really tried it out yet).

The reason for this love is simple – this watch is designed to be carried on your wrist 24/7. Unlike many other similar products, we could actually imagine sleeping with this watch. Moreover, we could imagine wearing it 24/7 for months and months.

Misfit is well known for its slick, yet somewhat pricey devices. What they managed to do is create products people actually want to carry around, even after the initial few weeks. I used to bash their Shine 2 for not including heart rate monitor, but I was wrong — it would make the device huge and people wouldn’t carry it for too long. Personally, I haven’t pulled the original Shine from my wrist for the last 5 months. I take it to the shower, sleep and swim with it (it’s water-proof). And that’s what wearable devices should be all about – to be worn AND used round the clock.

Another aspect of Misfit’s “greatness” (they haven’t paid me to write this) is their app. You may have seen some cheap fitness trackers out there; they lack solid apps to work with. In contrast, Misfit did a magnificent job with its app. It is fancy yet easy to use, prompting you to score (at least) 1,000 points every day. Your steps and other exercise counts.

Back to the Phase. It is a rather simple-looking device, and as I said, that’s why we at mHealth Spot like it. The device has only been announced and is still not available for purchase. We do know it has all the features other Misfit products have, including the mentioned slick design, automatic tracking of steps, distance, calories, and sleep. There are also vibration alerts with support for smart alarms, a smart button function for remote control of your phone or other connected devices, and a battery life of 6 months (it uses non-charging, replaceable battery). All this is wrapped in a 41mm, stainless steel and aluminum case that is water resistant up to 5 ATM.

No word how it works inside the pool, but we do expect it to be on par with the Shine 2 / Ray Swimmer Edition. Or at least to have the option to get those features through an in-app purchase.

Misfit Phase colors

Finally, the personalization is a big part of every Misfit product, and Phase is not an exception. Users will be able to choose between different interchangeable straps, and select the color of the watch case…