Samsung’s C-Lab unveils a smart baby carrier

Dr. Macaron main

Samsung’s C-Lab is out with its latest innovation, a gadget designed to make early parenthood a little easier.

Called Dr. Macaron, it is the smart baby carrier that has several functions to help a parent carry their newborn and know how healthy they are at any minute of the day.

Dr. Macaron uses adjustable convertible hipseat system to distribute the baby’s weight away from one part of the parent’s body. That’s the basic stuff; the advanced stuff is enabled thanks to built-in sensors that make this baby carrier “smart.”

One of Dr. Macaron’s key features is a small macaron-shaped sensor that is built into the seat of the carrier to monitor whether the baby needs a diaper change. At the same time, this sensor serves as an activity tracker of sorts to let parents know how long they’ve been on their feet.

The data gathered by the sensor is sent to a companion app from where parents can keep track of and record their baby’s activities and schedules.

“Questioning things we took for granted and trying to improve upon them. That is the underlying approach for Dr. Macaron. It ends with a warm hug utilizing design and technology,” the blog post announcing the product reads. “Here at the C-Lab in Samsung Electronics we’re looking for unique and different solutions to life’s many questions with the answer of making it better.”

Previous devices unveiled by C-Lab include a smart health belt and a brainwave-reading wearable.

Dr. Macaron