Nanit Breathing Wear

Nanit’s Breathing Wear tracks baby’s breathing motion and improves their sleep

The new line of custom-designed Swaddles and Breathing Bands is now available on, and will be launching at select national retailers soon.
Nod baby sleep system

Rest Devices, J&J Innovation team-up to develop a personalized baby sleep app

The app called Nod will first learn parents' goals, behaviors, and routines for their baby's sleep, and then create customized sleep advice for each baby.
Neebo baby monitor

Neebo is a wearable device for infants

The connected device allows parents to monitor all sorts of vitals through the companion app, including sound, temperature, heart rate and blood oxygen level.
Dr. Macaron main

Samsung’s C-Lab unveils a smart baby carrier

Called Dr. Macaron, it has several functions to help a parent carry their newborn and know how healthy they are at any minute of the day.
Nanit smart camera

The Nanit camera can study your baby’s sleep patterns

Using computer vision and machine learning algorithms, this smart camera can watch, study, and learn from your sleeping baby.
Naya Health

Naya Health raises $4M for its mobile-enabled breast pump

The company's product, The Smart Pump, consists of a set of flanges, a power adapter, two classic bottles with caps, and two nipples with adapters and caps.

Neopenda baby hat aims to improve newborn survival in the developing world

The device is designed to have the wearable ease of a Fitbit, with the medical accuracy of finger clip pulse oximeters typically found in hospitals.
Glow Baby app

Glow Baby app unveiled as company prepares to launch its Premium offering

The app comes with a set of tools, including various timers, summaries on activities and milestones, interactive growth charts, structured notes and more.
Thrive Feeding

Thrive Feeding gets $500K for its smart baby feeding solution

The company's product consists of a feeding bottle with built-in sensors that capture and transmit real-time milk consumption data to a companion mobile app.
mHealth Tanzania Partnership

Tanzania’s Healthy Baby SMS service hits 1 million registrations

Since launching in November 2012, the service has sent 55 million free text messages with safe antenatal, motherhood and infant healthcare information.