Neebo is a wearable device for infants

Neebo baby monitor

Neebo a wrist-worn device made for infants, allowing parents to monitor all sorts of vitals through the companion app. Among the parameters parents will be able to access are baby’s sound, thermal comfort, heart rate and blood oxygen level. In addition, any suspicious activity will be caught by Neebo’s sensors to alert parents if something’s wrong. Those sensors will filter out background noises to deliver only the relevant information to the connected smartphone.

Beyond monitoring, Neebo also serves as a lullaby gadget for infants, featuring various audio content, including calming sounds, fairy tales, fables, and other music.

Mentioned companion app offers three different modes to choose from — Monitoring Section, Sleeping Mode and Parenting Section — each of which will do different things. Monitoring will keep track of your baby’s vitals and audio in the room, the sleeping section activates heart rate monitoring and an alert system, while the parenting section offers various audio content.

Furthermore, Neebo will have its own API that will enable third-party developers to add new functionalities to the mix, and/or integrate Neebo monitoring into their own apps.

Interested parents can add Neebo to the wishlist and benefit from the early bird pricing of $199. The regular price, once it is widely available, will be $319.

It is worth adding that Neebo is not the only wearable offering baby monitoring services; its competitors include Owlet and Sproutling, among others.