HealthTap Cloud to make life easier for health app/service developers

HealthTap Cloud

HealthTap is launching the HealthTap Cloud, touting it as a “first-of-its-kind development platform” that enables health developers to build applications more efficiently and cost effectively.

Powered by the world’s first Health Operating System (HOPES), the platform will provide developers with access to a series of APIs and SDKs to build personalized web, iOS, and Android apps.

“The barrier to entry for building smart health applications is dramatically lowered by HealthTap Cloud,” Greg Badros, PhD, former engineering leader at Google and Facebook and an early investor in HealthTap, said in a statement. “HealthTap Cloud promises developers instant interoperability, turnkey secure and private infrastructure, and easy access to doctor knowledge and population data that may save developers precious time and money as they design and deliver the next generation of health apps to market.”

Among those collaborating with HealthTap on building with the HealthTap Cloud are such big names as Google, IBM, Flex, and iHealth as well as a range multinational payors, hospitals/health systems, government agencies, device/sensor manufacturers, and health app startups.

Additionally, Blockchain S.A. is working with the HealthTap Cloud team to create a new healthcare blockchain, which is a foundational infrastructure for managing federated, trusted access to medical records securely between all parties in the private network, including hospitals, doctor practices, insurance companies, and app developers.

Key modules of the HealthTap Cloud include: cross-platform telemedicine with built-in support for mobile devices; big data services such as Health Data Exchange and Population Health Insights; clinical CRM which is used for improved adherence and outcomes, among other things; and access to HealthTap’s vast repository of doctor answers, tips, news, articles, medication reviews, and more.

“With the HealthTap Cloud, we have built the integrated backbone for the healthcare solutions of the future,” Sastry Nanduri, HealthTap co-founder and CTO, said in a statement. “Our cloud-based, cross-platform system was built for handling billions of users at a global scale with an extensible technical architecture that allows for fast evolution while also meeting the world’s high standards for security and privacy with full HIPAA compliance and a SOC2-Type II certification.”

HealthTap is now accepting applications for the HealthTap Cloud.