HealthTap For Good

HealthTap for Good offers free doctor consultations to underprivileged populations

The initiative will provide individuals with free virtual consultations with HealthTap Prime physicians via video, voice, or text.
HealthTap app

HealthTap Prime launches in Texas

Thanks to the new law, Texans can now connect with HealthTap and its network of more than 100,000 doctors from their mobile devices and computers.
HealthTap Compass

HealthTap makes its service available in Spanish

Spanish-speaking users will benefit from round the clock access to top U.S. doctors and their knowledge via video, text, or voice.
Amazon Echo

HealthTap brings Doctor A.I. to Amazon Alexa

Users will get a feel of a sympathetic physician who will ask intelligible, dynamically generated questions in natural language.
HealthTap in Chinese

HealthTap makes its service available in Chinese

The 1.4 billion Chinese-speaking people worldwide to get immediate access to U.S.-licensed doctors and their knowledge via the HealthTap Chinese mobile app and website.
HealthTap - Dr. A.I.

HealthTap’s Dr. A.I. aims to route users to doctor-recommended insights and care

Trained by HealthTap's network of more than 105,000 top doctors, the service translates your symptoms into personalized, doctor-recommended courses of action.
HealthTap Cloud

HealthTap Cloud to make life easier for health app/service developers

Powered by the world's first Health Operating System, the platform will provide developers with access to a series of APIs and SDKs to build personalized apps for mobile and the web.
HealthTap certification

HealthTap unveils Virtual Care training and certification program

As a new discipline in medicine is emerging, doctors can now get official continuing medical education credits for updating their expertise.
HealthTap on Facebook

HealthTap doctor advice service now available on Facebook Messenger

The service lets anyone type a question into Messenger and receive free and trusted doctor answers wherever they are and whenever they need them.

HealthTap’s network surpasses 100,000 doctors

These doctors are located in 3,000+ U.S. cities and towns, span 141 specialties, speak 117 languages, and have an average of 21 years of clinical experience.