HealthTap says it has the first health app for Android Wear

The simple to use app boasts doctor-created checklists and actions, and prescription reminders to help users better manage their health and well-being.
HealthTap Prime

HealthTap Prime promises end-to-end mobile healthcare experience

Millions will be able to learn more about their health, get help from top doctors in real-time, and take action to feel good on a daily basis.
HealthTap Concierge joins the telehealth market

HealthTap Concierge joins the telehealth market

The program allows patients to reach doctors in 105 specialties, 24/7, with affordable price in 50 states; Concierge virtual visits cost $44 per consult.

HealthTap adds Quest Diagnostics-powered virtual diagnostic testing

Under the deal, HealthTap doctors will be able to immediately order routine tests after a patient visits one of Quest's patient service centers.
HealthTap Compass

HealthTap Compass service launches with Flex as its first client

The service acts as a hub for managing all employees' healthcare needs, from information to prescriptions and even lab test referrals and interpretations.
HealthTap Hopes

HealthTap unveils its Health Operating System for healthcare facilities

The company is also partnering with Waikato District Health Board to virtualize healthcare by providing immediate access to New Zealand-based health service.
HealthTap SOS

HealthTap SOS promises to improve relief efforts during disaster events

The service provides population managers with real-time supplemental disaster relief from top doctors via any mobile device or web connection.

HealthTap acquires physician service Docphin

Docphin enables physicians to follow various journals, set up alerts, search PubMed, and access more than 1,000 articles by specialty, topic or drug class.

HealthTap’s network surpasses 100,000 doctors

These doctors are located in 3,000+ U.S. cities and towns, span 141 specialties, speak 117 languages, and have an average of 21 years of clinical experience.
HealthTap on Facebook

HealthTap doctor advice service now available on Facebook Messenger

The service lets anyone type a question into Messenger and receive free and trusted doctor answers wherever they are and whenever they need them.