HealthTap Prime promises end-to-end mobile healthcare experience

HealthTap Prime

After more than a year in the making, HealthTap has launched its new service, HealthTap Prime, which promises to deliver “comprehensive end-to-end mobile healthcare experience,” enabling millions to learn more about their health, get help from top doctors in real-time, and take action to feel good every day.

Most of the new features are free; for an additional fee users get access to live consults, prescriptions and customized checklists.Touted as a “true work of digital health art,” the service includes Live Virtual Consults via HD video, audio and chat from any mobile device or web browser; Actionable Checklists for reaching hundreds of different goals; curated news and apps; Personalized Feeds; and a whole new streamlined design with faster performance and “even more engaging user experience.”

The best part is that most all of the new features remain free, including personalized, text based access to doctor answers, tips, news, checklists and app reviews. For an additional fee, users get HealthTap’s “Concierge Medicine for Everyone” with full access to all of the features such as live consults, prescriptions and customized checklists.

HealthTap has served more than 100 million people to date; HealthTap Prime was released as a response to the needs of these many people.