Runtastic joins the wearables market with water-proof Orbit smart band

Runtastic Orbit

Maker of the popular Runtastic fitness tracking app is going beyond software having launched its very first wearable device. Called Runtastic Orbit, this smart band works like any other such device, allowing users to track their daily movements, fitness activities and sleep.

Orbit has its own OLED Display, and Time & Alarm capability; it’s also waterproof up to 300 feet.In combination with the newly launched Runtastic Me app, which is available on iOS and Android, Orbit further expands the Runtastic Ecosystem and is the first Runtastic hardware product geared towards anyone and everyone, “regardless of an individual’s affinity for sports or fitness.”

The Orbit comes with quite a few features, including Steps & Distance, Calories Burned, Active Minutes, Sleep, Goals and Ambient Lighting. Moreover, users can monitor daily progress and set vibration alerts to go off after an hour of inactivity. The device has its own OLED Display, and Time & Alarm capability; it’s also waterproof up to 300 feet.

“We recognize consumers have a lot of choices when it comes to wearables,” said Florian Gschwandtner, CEO and co-founder of Runtastic. “For that reason, our team was especially meticulous about putting together a unique feature set that brings together the ‘best of the best.’ Our goal is to provide users with tracking data plus context in order to inspire them to optimize their behaviors and overall lifestyles.”

Orbit comes with two wristbands (black and blue), but users can buy six additional colored wristbands separately.Orbit comes with a clip (black) and two wristbands (black and blue), but users can also attach it to their waistband or even get it affixed to a more discreet location, such as a bra or pants pocket. Six additional colored wristbands are available for purchase for those looking for an even more personalized fitness band.

Another feature, called Orbit Connect, allows data collected by the Runtastic app to be viewed on the Orbit display, making sure you don’t have to look at your smartphone all the time. In the future, additional Runtastic apps will utilize the Orbit Connect feature, making the wearable a “truly ideal companion for everyday movements and planned fitness activities.”

Sounds promising, but we yet have to see how Runtastic will compete with the likes of Fitbit, Jawbone and Misfit; as well as Samsung and even Apple, which iWatch could push many of today’s smart bands into history.

In the meantime, avid Runtastic users can purchase the Orbit from the Runtastic Online Shop for $119.99 (USD), €119.99 (EUR) or £99.99 (GBP). The device will also be available in retail stores soon.