Pavlok armband will shock users when they get lazy

Pavlok armband

Joining the smart band revolution is a new device called Pavlok that is designed to make sure you follow through on your promises. Unlike other such products that will only track your activities and sleep, and provide you with the advice how to lose few more pounds, this device will actually shock you if you’re not following through on your own promises. Or as Pavlok creators would put it, this band “doesn’t just track what you do – it transforms who you are.”

First you should pick your action which doesn’t have to be related to fitness. For instance, you can choose to learn new language or be more productive online. Pavlok will then break your goal down into manageable actions, and then push you to do what is needed on a daily basis to “form the lasting habit.”

Pavlok wants its users to form the lasting habit.The system will also help you find a partner or advise you to join a team of friends to make sure what you want actually happens. This, according to the Pavlok creators, is because social support and pressure will keep you on track, and when you hit a bump in the road – you friends will motivate you to keep going; or, they’ll punish you…

Here’s where Pavlok is different from anything out there. On one side, you can earn prizes and even money when you complete your daily task, but if you fail – you can pay a fine, lose access to your phone, or even “suffer an electric shock.”

Yes, it sounds kinda masochistic, but it could actually work. Or so we think.

The Pavlok smart band is now up for pre-order for $150, with first devices shipping in early 2015. Those who don’t want to wait that long and like to experiment can go for the hand-assembled Pavlok Alpha Prototype, which will be available in 200 units and ship this fall. As an alpha product, it will have some bugs, though.