Kindly Care’s Care Exchange makes life easier for home care agencies

Kindly Care

San Francisco-based marketplace for senior care Kindly Care launched Care Exchange to enable home care agencies to collaborate with each other when recruiting, vetting, and training caregivers. This, according to the company, is needed due to increasing shortage of caregivers.

With Care Exchange, agencies are able to refer caregivers into a shared pool database for all participants to recruit. For every qualified caregiver that gets accepted into the Care Exchange, the referring agency can recruit another caregiver for free.

Care Exchange aims to streamline the process of identifying potential candidates and reduce the cost of onboarding them. Since all referred caregivers are current or former employees of agencies, they already meet the licensing requirements that exist in certain states. Further, agencies are recruiting from a very distilled pool of qualified caregivers, so all candidates are reliable and experienced home care professionals.

“Kindly Care’s business is very symbiotic with agencies. Our self-serve clients often need additional help that is outside of our scope of services, and we’ve made many referrals to agencies we know and respect,” Kindly Care CEO and co-founder of Igor Lebovic said in a statement. “Over time, it became obvious that referring caregivers to each other is the next logical step.”

Care Exchange is currently available in the San Francisco Bay Area, and is expected to reach other cities where Kindly Care operates in the near future.

According to AARP, there are currently seven people aged 45-64 to care for each person who is 80 or older; by 2030 there will be only four and by 2050 there will be fewer than three.