drchrono unveils self check-in functionality and shareable patient education on iPad


Mobile EHR and medical billing service provider drchrono announced the new Kiosk capability that equips provider offices for patient self check-in, and new Patient Education functionality on iPad enabling providers to share their materials with patients.

The Kiosk allows patients to self check-in on iPad for an appointment reducing waiting times and improving the patient experience. Using it, provider offices can equip their front office with an iPad stand that patients can use to check in, verify insurance information, and sign any necessary consent forms without needing a staff member to manage that process.

As for the Patient Education feature, it offers providers an easy way to upload and share patient education materials on any iOS device or the web anytime. This is particularly convenient and provides critical time-savings for healthcare providers who are frequently on the move or on patient sites to share these kinds of materials on mobile devices.

“From the moment a doctor wakes up, seeing patients at the office, doing house calls, or at night after driving home, he will have access to his patients’ data and ability to provide care at a moment’s notice,” Michael Nusimow, CEO and co-founder of drchrono, said in a statement. “We are pushing the boundaries and enabling physicians from around the world to provide the best care to their patients with the most updated information while optimizing practice efficiency.”

drchrono was the first EHR company to build its platform on iOS and launched the first EHR app on the iPad the day that iPad was released. Since then, the company expanded its product offering to iPhone and Apple Watch.