Solera Health’s SoleraONE app supports in-person delivery of the National Diabetes Prevention Program

Solera Health

Solera Health released the SoleraONE mobile app, which expands consumer access and lowers program delivery costs for community-based Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) providers. Consumers participating in a community-based in-person DPP now have access to digital tools that support frequent coach and group interactions and simplify nutrition and physical activity tracking. The app can also be used to complete DPP make-up sessions from a remote location when users cannot attend in person.

Additionally, SoleraONE includes an integrated lifestyle coach portal that reduces or eliminates the time required by DPP lifestyle coaches to review participant nutrition logs, provide participant feedback, and conduct telephonic make-up sessions, resulting in lower costs to deliver the program. The SoleraONE app and integrated coach portal is powered by HealthSlate’s leading DPP software platform in an exclusive partnership.

With the new SoleraONE app and coach portal, DPP providers in the Solera network — including community based organizations, health systems, diabetes education programs, grocery/pharmacy chains, and other DPP providers — can now offer their participants the benefits of an in-person program coupled with the convenient features of a digital app.

“We recognize that there are opportunities to use digital tools to improve the in-person experience,” Brenda Schmidt, CEO of Solera Health, said in a statement. “SoleraONE is our solution to support our community DPP providers by lowering costs, improving efficiency and maximizing sustained engagement and outcomes by filling the gaps created in community-based pen and paper programs and to support patient access to the new CDC Prevent T2 DPP Curriculum.”

The SoleraONE app includes a digital version of the CDC-approved Prevent T2 DPP Curriculum delivered in short, understandable, narrated animations; meal logging, weight and activity tracking; simple ways for participants to stay in touch digitally with their lifestyle coach and DPP group to for accountability and support between in-person classes; and DPP data tracking and provider workflow management to improve efficiency and lower costs.

Solera’s technology creates a marketplace connecting the 86 million U.S. adults at risk for chronic disease or type 2 diabetes with the over 1,000 CDC-recognized digital, national or community-based DPPs. The company’s national scalable model was designed to consolidate highly fragmented programs and services into one integrated network allowing health plans and medical providers to increase consumer access and participation while lowering associated costs.