Zipongo acquires FillMyFork to expand its Food Benefits Management platform

FillMyFork app

Personalized digital nutrition platform Zipongo has acquired FillMyFork, a provider of healthy cooking recommendations, nutrition rewards, passive tracking of grocery purchases and related analytics. The acquisition will help Zipongo expand its Food Benefits Management offering to health plans, employers and health systems. Zipongo’s offering includes digital dietary assessment, nutrition counseling, advanced personalization using Nutriomics data, meal planning, cooking tools, grocery delivery, discounts, rewards and guided meal ordering.

Founded in 2014 by Arun Nijhawan and Kartik Shastri, FillMyFork helps people incorporate evidence-based nutrition into their daily lives. The service offers points for healthy food choices at the grocery store and removes points for unhealthy choices. Once earned, these points can be redeemed for gift cards for Whole Foods, Starbucks or other retailers.

As a result of this deal, FillMyFork’s passive grocery scoring and analytics will be incorporated into Zipongo’s platform to provide users with custom healthy food shopping lists, coupons for healthy foods and grocery delivery option, among other things. The two companies will use the combined power of their analytics to leverage behavioral science to drive healthy eating choices.

“The FillMyFork team pushed the boundaries on passive tracking of food buying, and rewarding healthy food purchases,” Zipongo CEO Jason Langheier, MD, MPH said in a statement. “Kartik and Arun bring a strong focus on the science of effective product development, and knowledge of the food and nutrition data that underlies the healthy cooking utility tools we are continuously evolving. This acquisition demonstrates our continued commitment to be the most effective and complete Food Benefits Management platform available, aiding employers and health plans to reduce the burden of chronic conditions that are heavily influenced by diet.”

More than 150 companies and the majority of national health plans and wellness platforms work with Zipongo to drive engagement, health impact, cost savings and happiness of their people. Zipongo’s comprehensive digital nutrition coaching platform and food utility tools help people eat the right foods to lower healthcare costs and deliver a return on investment. Zipongo’s ultimate goal is to reduce the burden of chronic disease, reduce risk from the unintended side effects of taking multiple drugs and in-hospital disease care, and help rein in unsustainable healthcare cost growth.