This app helps cancer patients control their treatment journey

Belong app

A new app, called Belong, has been released to keep cancer patients informed, connected, organized, and in better control of their treatment journey. People with any type of cancer and in any phase of their treatment can learn more from the Belong suite of tools than from almost any other resource that can lead to more informed decisions and access to treatment options, side-effect relief tips, and emotional support.

“The greatest advantage of Belong is being within arm’s reach of doctors, nurses, and experts. They are accessible to all at no cost, linking those who are suitable for clinical trials, and guiding us on best treatments and care,” said Dorit Nitzan, MD, two-time breast cancer survivor and Belong app user. “Sharing with us updated information on new studies and developments. Supporting us, literally caring for us, pulling and pushing us through this challenging time in our lives.”

One of the app features, “My treatment journey,” helps to manage, navigate, and track appointments, treatments, goals, tips, information, and what has worked for others in similar situations.

Another [feature] lets users connect with radiologists, oncologists, nurses, researchers, radiotherapists, and other medical professionals, both in public forums such as “Ask the Doctor” and “Side Effects and Pain” and privately.

Then there’s a secure digital binder where users can keep all of their medical records and other information. If needed, this information can be easily shared with doctors.

The Personal clinical trial search feature is available on request by the user. It relies on a sophisticated search engine linked to the National Cancer Institute and other leading global research institutes. The goal is to identify trials that may be relevant to the user.

Finally, users are able to connect with each other to share tips and concerns, ask and answer questions, and provide emotional support.

“We built the first of its kind mobile community-based treatment navigator — like a GPS for cancer — that compiles crowd wisdom, expert knowledge, the most current care protocols and scientific and clinical research, all delivered in a hyper-personalized and relevant experience to our users,” Eliran Malki, founder and CEO of Belong, said in a statement. “It’s everything a patient needs in one place.”

The Belong app is free and available for iOS and Android devices at Google Play and iTunes stores.