Cloudtag’s Onitor Track program wants to help you lose weight

Cloudtag Onitor Track

Onitor Track is the newly announced biometric, data-driven program designed to aid weight loss for women and men. It combines a dual-position wearable with a personalized weight loss and nutrition program delivered via an app.

The wearable device can either be strapped to the user’s wrist; or clipped onto a chest band or sports bra during exercise. In the clipped position, the device transforms into an accurate ECG heart rate monitor.

No matter how you wear it, the Track will pair the data automatically collected with that the user has provided through the app to deliver constantly adapting, personalized exercise program and nutritional advice to help the user meets their weight loss target.

“The Onitor Track succeeds by combining accurate data capture, which helps it build an excellent picture of each user, and smart manipulation of that data to make a fitness and nutrition program that is constantly refined to gain excellent results,” Amit Ben-Haim, CEO of Cloudtag and creator of the Onitor brand, said in a statement. “Together, these two things show off two great strengths of our business: the hardware and the software, brought together with a highly targeted purpose.”

The new Onitor Track is powered with technology from its parent company, Cloudtag, a technology innovation company headed by Ben-Haim, an entrepreneur best known for co-founding medical device company Biosense, which was sold to Johnson & Johnson.