Teladoc to offer lab diagnostics services via Analyte Health


Analyte Health, which connects patients and telehealth providers with laboratory testing services, is teaming-up with Teladoc to deliver lab diagnostics services through the Teladoc telehealth platform.

“The partnership between Analyte Health and Teladoc bridges the gap between lab testing and telehealth, and together, we are reinventing the healthcare experience for patients and physicians,” Dr. Frank Cockerill, CEO of Analyte Health, said in a statement.

Thanks to the Analyte Health integration, physicians in the Teladoc network can order lab tests they need to confirm diagnoses, for conditions in the areas of acute and chronic care, behavioral health, and preventive health. Teladoc members will be directed to a convenient specimen collection location and lab results are available within three days for the physician and patient to discuss appropriate treatment and next steps. In future phases, these services will be available in same-day, on-demand mobile experiences.

“The partnership with Analyte further supports our goal to expand access to quality, affordable care through continued innovation of the Teladoc telehealth platform,” Jason Gorevic, CEO of Teladoc, said in a statement. “No one else is able to rival this breadth of comprehensive lab services. This new dimension enables us to bring the lab to patients during their telemedicine visits to further support quality outcomes.”