Virgin Pulse Ignite added to the popular corporate wellness offering

Virgin Pulse Ignite

Virgin Pulse Ignite has been announced as the latest addition to Virgin Pulse’s “rapidly expanding suite of wellbeing solutions.” Designed to help organizations cultivate healthy cultures and positive workplaces, Ignite is a social wellness platform that engages users on a daily basis in gamified, team-based experiences to help individuals and organizations achieve specific health goals and outcomes.

The solution enables organizations to increase employee wellbeing and workplace culture through team based challenges that span a range of activities, from destination challenges, to healthy habit challenges, to values challenges, to history challenges, to challenges that build culture directly into an employee’s onboarding experience.

Said team challenges have been clinically proven to inspire positive health outcomes such as weight loss and BMI reduction. And as individual employees improve their health, organizational outcomes like productivity, engagement, and culture often follow. Additionally, Ignite’s flexible framework can also be extended for use in training, onboarding, and culture-building.

“Virgin Pulse Ignite is the result of more than 34 years of collective experience deploying social wellness, and it unites the most engaging features, content, and experiences with best-in-class software and mobile technology,” Ron Hildebrandt, SVP of Products at Virgin Pulse, said in a statement. “With Virgin Pulse Ignite, employers are able to offer their employees an exciting social wellbeing experience while impacting the bottom line through better productivity, engagement, and culture.”

In addition to a library of off-the-shelf challenges, Virgin Pulse Ignite allows HR and benefits managers to develop and deploy targeted challenges based on location, business unit, or demographics.

Virgin Pulse Ignite is available immediately for employers around the globe. The solution is fully integrated with Virgin Pulse Hub, and can be combined with year-round engagement and behavior change programming included within the Virgin Pulse Engage.

Virgin Pulse has more than 2,200 clients and 2.4 million users.