Wearable ECG monitor QardioCore now available for $499


Qardio’s wearable ECG monitor, QardioCore, is now available for pre-order online.

QardioCore is the first wearable medical electrocardiogram (ECG/EKG) monitor that allows users to proactively look after their heart health long-term, all without the need for wires or patches. Packed with proprietary sensor technology, QardioCore records more than 20 million data points, streaming the user’s live medical-grade data to their smartphones.

Most ECG monitors are bulky and burdensome, require a complicated fitting in the doctor’s office or provide limited information on the user’s heart performance. By contrast, QardioCore is wearable and designed for continuous monitoring anytime and anywhere, without compromising comfort and lifestyle. QardioCore is also the first ECG monitor to be IP65 certified, making it splash and rain-resistant.

Worn as a chest strap, QardioCore seamlessly records continuous ECG, heart rate, heart rate variability, respiratory rate, temperature and activity data. The data can then be easily and automatically shared, for example, with medical professionals. Athletes can also take advantage of QardioCore to help them achieve peak performance and optimize their training.

QardioCore pairs with the free Qardio App for iOS, and works alongside other Qardio’s products, including QardioArm, a smart blood pressure monitor, QardioBase, wireless scale and body analyzer and QardioMD, a dashboard for doctors.

“QardioCore is a game-changer for doctors, patients and health conscious individuals, and a big step towards preventative health,” Rosario Iannella, CTO at Qardio, said in a statement. “For elite athletes, cardiovascular health is the cornerstone of performance, and QardioCore puts a wealth of actionable biometrics including medical-grade beat-by-beat heart tracking into an athlete’s hands, empowering them to be their best.”

QardioCore is priced at $449, 499 EUR, or 449 GBP.