Data from Qardio devices to be integrated into eClinicalWorks’ EHR

This integration allows patients to share their home recorded health data such as blood pressure, weight and heart rate with their health provider seamlessly.

Wearable ECG monitor QardioCore now available for $499

The device records continuous ECG, heart rate, heart rate variability, respiratory rate, temperature and activity data.

QardioBase smart scale and body analyzer up for pre-order for $149

The device measures weight, BMI, muscle mass, body fat percentage, water and bone composition, and displays that information through charts, goals and trends.
QardioBase smart scale

QardioBase, QardioMD announced at CES

The fancy smart scale and web/mobile solution for healthcare professionals make it easier for both the doctors and patients to manage their health.
QardioArm gets an Android app

QardioArm gets an Android app

Also available for iOS, the app connects with the QardioArm wearable monitor to record blood pressure readings and sync information to the Qardio cloud.
QardioArm raising funds for its wearable blood pressure monitor

QardioArm raising funds for its wearable blood pressure monitor

The device is easy to use - it has no buttons, no displays and no wires, just a sleek device whose design was inspired by a bound notebook.