QardioBase smart scale and body analyzer up for pre-order for $149


QardioBase smart scale and body analyzer, which was first unveiled at this year’s CES, is now available for pre-order, Qardio has announced. Said device is designed to empower users with a clearer, friendlier view of what the numbers on the scale really mean.

“With QardioBase, we wanted to create a scale that belonged in a design magazine – something you didn’t hide in a closet. We wanted to create a friendly, encouraging, non-judgmental user interface that would offer an experience you would look forward to every morning,” said Rosario Iannella, CTO and Founder.

The device follows on the success of the smart blood pressure monitor QardioArm and is the perfect addition for everyone who wants to monitor their heart health or general wellness. This is done by measuring weight, BMI, muscle mass, body fat percentage, water and bone composition, and displaying that information via the companion app through easy-to-grasp charts, goals and trends. In addition, QardioBase also features the Pregnancy Mode that helps expectant moms track their weight week-by-week throughout pregnancy and beyond, as well as the Smart Feedback mode which aids users in achieving long-term health and fitness goals without the distraction of daily fluctuating numbers. Instead, users simply set a goal, whether it’s a weight or BMI target, and smileys, rather than numbers guide them through their journey to better health.

QardioBase can be pre-ordered from Qardio’s website for $149.99 with shipments starting later this month.